Is it necessary to purchase a license to show the film?

Absolutely!  If you are showing the documentary anywhere other than your home, you are legally obligated to purchase the appropriate package and license for your institution Please do not get caught stealing—it's not an appealing character trait.

What type of license do I need to purchase?

Below is a breakdown of the licenses and types of organizations that qualify:

This license is for churches, nonprofits, youth groups, and community organizations.  If you're screening the film to any of the various types of public or private gatherings that is not an educational institution, purchase the Church/Nonprofit license. 

This license is for public libraries and K-12 educational institutions.  If you are a teacher, administrator, counselor, coach, or educator at one of these institutions, purchase the Library/K-12 license.    

This license is for all higher education institutions.  This includes seminaries, public and private colleges, and graduate and advanced degree programs.  If you are a professor, administrator, recruiter, director, counselor, or coach, purchase the College/University license.

Why are there different prices for the licenses?

We provide and support a tiered pricing system based on the broad range of uses for each type of organization.  In other words, a college may add the film to their collection.  Students, faculty and staff, and classes will repeatedly check out the documentary over time.  A church may use the film for Bible study, Sunday school, or various outreach efforts.  A school or library may use the film for a class, club, or activity.     

Our objective is to make the film available to as many people as possible, while generating enough revenue to keep our 501(c)(3) financially healthy.  We depend on your support to produce uncompromising faith-based content.    

Where does the money go?

We are Appointed Pictures, a faith-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to documentary production and outreach.  All of the proceeds from our sales go directly into paying our collaborators and producing the next project.